Exciting Collaboration Brewing Between EYE Entrepreneurs in Berlin

Giovanni Crisonà had the opportunity to meet with two exceptional EYE entrepreneurs in Berlin: Alice Stella, a New Entrepreneur from Italy nearing the end of her experience, and Vivien La Fleur, the renowned Host Entrepreneur of ABU+ Berlin. The meeting took place at the exclusive Coffee Brückenstraße, where they discussed exciting opportunities for collaboration.

Alice and Vivien engaged in a lively conversation, exploring ways to merge their interests and create synergies between their ventures. This initial meeting has sparked a potential match for collaboration, and they have decided to meet again next week to develop a concrete plan of activities.

Alice has made significant progress in establishing her business on an international level. Her keen interest in art galleries, combined with her expertise in the design sector, positions her uniquely to enhance the work of designers like Vivien, who is not her hosting company. This collaboration promises to bring innovative and valuable contributions to both their fields.

We are confident that this partnership will thrive and lead to long-term success for both Alice and Vivien. Stay tuned for updates on their exciting journey ahead!

Exciting Collaboration Brewing Between EYE Entrepreneurs in Berlin
SECRETARIAT 8 July, 2024
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