Entrepreneurs’ Mobility is a consortium established back in 2009 when the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs was launched. Core partners of the consortium participated in all cycles of the programme.

Since 2009 CSCS has been the lead of the consortium. Entrepreneurs’ Mobility has always been the first consortium in Europe in terms of number of exchanges accomplished, facilitating up to date over 1.100 successful relationships.

CSCS is a consultancy and business support agency, promoting entrepreneurship and business start ups at regional level. CSCS is accredited by Regional Government to provide training and business support services. As from 2014, CSCS have joined an EEN Consortia, which has started its operations in 2015. To date CSCS has provided to over 6.000 businesses consultancy and business development services and over 10.000 individuals have been trained by CSCS staff members. CSCS operates under a Quality Assurance System ISO Vision 9001:2008 in cooperation with a solid network of public and private business support agencies. In the field of business support activities, CSCS operates, via formalized cooperation agreements, with national representatives of SMEs, such as the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Confesercenti, representing over 350.000 businesses, local and regional Chambers of Commerce, including those active at regional level such as Firenze, Pisa, Prato and Pistoia, business accelerators and investment funds, such as TTAdvisor and Fondamenta SGR, technological parks, such as the one in Lucca. Within EYE Programme, CSCS has been leading Entrepreneurs Mobility Consortium since Cycle 1.

Giovanni Crisonà, Manager
Luca Guardincerri, Project Manager
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ABUplus International GmbH is a consulting services company active all over the world and owning an impressive curriculum in various fields: education development, professional development, policy advice for governments, ministry and Public Administrations, capacity building, entrepreneurship development. ABUplus is working in the field of entrepreneurship and management education for young people and would-be entrepreneurs offering business support services and running activities through a solid network of stakeholders, as, for instance, the Berlin Partner (| which provides business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions. The Business Location Center, as an example, offers all the information needed to launch a start-up in Berlin or to move a business in said area. Another representative of the network is the Bundesverband der Unternehmervereinigungen e.V. (BUV) –, a leading economic umbrella association of 20 business associations and 3000 members, whose mission is promoting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial diversity, sustainability, innovative growth and development opportunities. BUV has a wide network of partners and SMEs, members of the association.



ADICE (Association for the Development of Citizen and European Initiatives), is a non-profit association created in February 1999 in Roubaix, on a social and economic fragile territory. This area is characterized by a: particularly large portion of the population with a migratory background, a very high rate of unemployment and insertion difficulties, especially for young people with foreign origins.
ADICE is recognised as an organisation active in the area of youth and international mobility. Throughout more than 20 years of experience, It has obtained the following recognitions:

  • Framework Agreement with the European Parliament,

  • Special Consultative Status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council from 2013

  • International Civic service volunteering accreditation

  • European Solidarity Corps Lead Quality Label – Volunteering and Humanitarian Aid

  • Erasmus + VET International Mobility Charter

  • Volunteering in International Solidarity certification by the French Ministry of Foreign Affaires



ASSET TEC is a private company actively involved in promoting business development and growth, offering services to both a wide range of public administrations, as well as to private companies across Greece. In cooperation with over 20 municipalities in the Athens region, Asset Tec promotes entrepreneurship training and technical assistance toward different target groups such as youngsters, women and unemployed. The enterprises supported by Asset Tec range from ICT, Education and Training, Tourism, Retail and Services, covering directly Attica Region, Peloponnese and Central Macedonia and reaching 11 out 13 Regions in Greece. The business support services cover business administration, business development, HR management, technology transfer, quality assurance, access to finance. Asset Tec has 6 years’ experience in implementing the programme under the EM Consortium and, through the cooperation agreements signed with national stakeholders, including trade associations, national association of entrepreneurs in social economy, local and regional authorities, has secure a broad access to both young and experienced entrepreneurs at national level.

Georgios Kouklakis, Manager
Stylianos Manos Andreadis, Project Manager
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Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) is one of the biggest Chambers in Turkey, with around 170.000 registered businesses, and plays a leading role in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship across the country. ATO provides support to SMEs in 46 different sectors varying from energy, machinery and metals, cosmetics, information technologies, elecommunications to media, tourism, logistics, automotive industry and so forth via 68 committees that actively engage with the SMEs. Through media, press and its website, it reaches 5.000.000 residents in metropolitan borders of Ankara. 

Emre Demir, Manager
Ahmet Guran, Operative Staff
 +90 3122018368


Mobile World Capital Barcelona is an initiative driving the digital advancement of society while helping improve people’s lives globally.
With the support of the public and private sector, MWCapital focuses on four areas: the acceleration of innovation through digital entrepreneurship, the transformation of industries through digital technology, the rise of digital talent among new generations and professionals, and the reflection on the impact of technology in our society.
Collectively, our programmes are positively transforming the economy, education and society.
MWCapital hosts MWC in Barcelona and founded 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the startup business platform, present at MWC events around the world.



Institutul Postliceal Phoenix (IPP) is an NGO, situated in North-West of Romania, working at national level. According its statute, IPP, organizes and manages educational, cultural and sportive activities for the members, students, trainers and other people, eager to enrich their educational, cultural level and physical training.Institutul Postliceal Phoenix (IPP) is an NGO, situated in North-West of Romania, working at national level. According its statute, IPP, organizes and manages educational, cultural and sportive activities for the members, students, trainers and other people, eager to enrich their educational, cultural level and physical training.IPP has experience in VET and adult education since 1995 providing adult training courses, qualifications/specializations for the following occupations: Art director, DTP- designer, Web designer, Graphic design, Human resources inspector. It also offers modules in word processing, data bases, CAD, software testing, multimedia and Internet skills. Currently, the organization works with 5 employees and 6 volunteers.During the period 2008-present, the organization has developed Phare, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, European Social Founds, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and Erasmus+ projects with the purpose of increasing the social and professional integration of vulnerable groups from North-West, Central and South-East Regions of Romania. Our target group is very large, including vulnerable groups: disabled people ( including deaf people), Roma minority, young people from placement centres, people from rural areas, migrants and unemployed people. Since 2005, the association enrolled in training a total of 1902 people, of which a total of 1766 people received certificates of qualification or graduation. IPP has experience working with deaf people as following: 2007-2009 partner in the Grundtvig project –„Social adaptation of people with disabilities”; 2008-2010 partner in Leonardo da Vinci, transfer of innovation project- “ENFORA”; 2010-2013 partner in the ESF strategic partnership project “Multi-regional network for the promotion and application of social economy concepts in order to increase the chances of integrating people with disabilities” POSDRU 84/6.1/S/58636; 2011-2013 partner in the Grundtvig project- www.TV-DEAF; 2017-2019- partner in project Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs „European Mobility EM IX-1” Grant Agreement nr.763968-where, IPP advocated a transnational exchange for 2 people with hearing impairment.Since 2017, the organization is accredited for social services. In social department, Oncosuport, we carry out sporting activities to maintain health for people with serious illnesses. An important result of the exchange of best practices accomplished during the EU partnerships was the development of the Moodle-based e-learning environment in the VET and adult education department. Institutul Postliceal “Phoenix”  is a founding member of Asociatia Patronala a Furnizorilor de Formare Profesionala din Romania (Employers’ Vocational Training Association, Romania) and of Patronatul Judetean al Femeilor de Afaceri din IMM Cluj, Romania (The County Association of Business Women in SMEs from Cluj county).

Monica Mihaela, Manager
leana Popescu, Project Manager
Adriana Coroian, Project Officer
Maria Jarda, Administrative/Financial Officer 
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DekaPlus Business Services Ltd has been servicing the Cypriot SMEs for the past 10 years, offering them value added services in support to their sustainability plans. These services aim to allow SMEs focus on their core business, while market experts implement their development projects. DekaPlus is a member of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce whose membership exceeds 8,000 enterprises from the whole spectrum of business activity. Affiliated to it are more than 140 Professional Associations from the trade, industry and services sectors. In addition, DekaPlus runs its own hospitality vocational education centre.

Christos Nicolaides, Manager
Kalia Sarri, Project Manager 
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The Czech Chamber of Commerce is the largest and the most representative business association in the Czech Republic. It has more than 15,000 members organized in 62 regional chambers and in 110 branch associations.

Romana Novackova, Manager
Andrea Hujova, Project Manager 
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