Maurizio Orgiana: all you need to know about being a Host Entrepreneur within the EYE programme

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, co-funded by the European Commission, is a unique chance to connect new entrepreneurs and experienced ones through a cross-border exchange. This is a win-win cooperation, where both entrepreneurs gather and exchange experiences and business ideas, discover new markets and expand their networks. 

New or aspiring entrepreneurs have the chance to learn from experienced ones, who are already running a small business in a participating country and who, from their perspective, can benefit from new ideas, business models and approaches. 

We asked more info about EYE benefits to Maurizio Orgiana, CEO of Sun & Sand Sardinia , which is one of the most active CSCS Host Entrepreneurs in the touristic field. Maurizio mainly involved the New Entrepreneurs in marketing strategies and designing festivals and educational tools for local clients working internationally. 

Maurizio, in an exclusive interview, shared with us his experience with the EYE programme, its challenges and, most importantly, its benefits.  

“I’ve been studying all my life in the touristic field and I do believe that having an international environment  in our structure is fundamental”

 Maurizio told us that the motivation to join the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs came from the need to expand his company’s horizons in terms of new skills, ideas and broader network. He was positively stricken by the possibility he got through EYE to exchange ideas and discuss new working methods he didn’t know and he then implemented in his business. 

I want to keep on being a Host Entrepreneur and continue the collaboration with CSCS for the EYE programme to broaden my horizons and find inspiring new entrepreneurs to cooperate with

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Maurizio Orgiana: all you need to know about being a Host Entrepreneur within the EYE programme
SECRETARIAT 24 December, 2020
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