An Exchange in Belgium

I carried on an in-depth research by making interviews to potential customers. I used Google analytics and other tools to measure the success of SEO and to identify potential keywords. Then, I proceeded with developing an eLearning course, after having collecting data through competitor analysis, SWOT, benchmarking, user interviews. I also developed a suitable financial plan according to the research conducted during the previous weeks.

I implemented and executed content production for my online course. Besides, I have been introduced to the financial analysis of the enterprise and I developed a financial plan according to the eLearning sector. I got to know how to execute bookkeeping and financial tasks and got familiar with the basics of HR. Finally, the HE and I rounded up the project and define possible future work relations.

DURATION: 3 months


Giulia Castelluccio
Sector of activity: eLearning

Objectives: I was willing to get familiar with new ways to design an online course and to identify the potential trends of the European digital market. I deepened my knowledge regarding the digital marketing tools (SEO analysis in particular to identify the right keywords)

Thanks to the HE’s support, I developed the most suitable market strategy to launch my online platform in the market place, improved my financial plan according to the elearning sector.


Michiel De Meulenaure
City: Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium
Sector of activity: Education and training services

Objectives: The HE was willing to gain a greater understanding of the Italian market and to have an initial market penetration strategy. The insights of the research was both useful for the NE and HE, thus leading to a mutual benefit.


This exchange has been extremely positive to me, since I gained understanding in the basics of marketing, financial analysis and enterprise management.

Besides, the HE and I have defined future work relations with the purpose to penetrate into the existing digital market.

I would recommend this experience to anyone who is willing to gain a different point of view about the European market and so extend his/her own geographical aspirations to start a new business. This is the perfect way to think of a world with no boundaries!

Giulia Castelluccio • New Entrepreneur

As HE, I gained a greater understanding of the Italian market, and so had an initial market penetration strategy.

During the exchange, I helped the NE to define the most suitable features of her product by carrying on customer interviews, keywords research and data analysis. The results have been used by both the NE and I. Finally, we also defined future work relations with the purpose to penetrate into the existing Italian digital market and give the NE the chance to extend her geographical aspirations and so do not limit herself to the national boundaries.

Michiel De Meulenaure • Host Entrepreneur
An Exchange in Belgium
SECRETARIAT 1 February, 2018
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