Architecture experience in Brussels

HE: description of activities, objectives reached, and outputs “ The NE showed us lots of enthusiasm on the ongoing projects while giving us truly welcomed support. His input through all the phases on the projects revealed his curiosity that was a key factor in the competition phases, which he really enjoyed. So what can be said is that even if we had some difficulties during the last months because of a great pandemic, we still managed to be creative enough to find ways on delivering  everything on time and still keep an interesting interaction between us. I really hope that our connection will not end up here and that we will manage to continue to do different things on a professional level.”

NE: description of activities, objectives reached, and outputs “ Realizing I am taking part in a network of continuous ideas was really helpful because it showed me in a more practical way that the architectural practice in itself works just by constant interaction between different individuals, and that this task is a complex one. Through the period we had together, we managed to collaborate on different scales of projects that varied from construction sites and architectural competitions. Therefore, we manage to deliver on time all the projects which we started, and that was really encouraging because it set a foundation stone on understanding that the key of accomplishment lays through communication and collaboration. We both know that we will continue our collaboration at some point, in one way or another. ”



Ionuț Popa
Company: Ionuț Popa Studio 

Sector: Architecture & Design


Benoît Vandenbulcke 
AGWA architecture 

Sector: Architecture & Design


Having the opportunity of collaborating with HE and his architectural practice through the past months represented a true formation period by having the chance to witness the magic of collaborations and also the spirit of entrepreneurship that manages to give birth to new projects. Thereby, I have to mention that I am more than grateful that Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs gave me this push towards my professional future that seems more and more curious.

Ionuț Popa • New Entrepreneur

The experience we had the previous months through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme was positive and I guess quite helpful on both sides. The NE provided us dynamic support through our ongoing projects by lots of exchange of ideas and I hope I managed to share as much as I could from my own entrepreneurial experience in a way it would seem helpful for his future.

JBenoît Vandenbulcke • Host Entrepreneur
Architecture experience in Brussels
SECRETARIAT 12 February, 2020
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