Cooperation between an Austrian NE and an Italian HE

Why did you choose to take part in the EYE?
“Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs gives me the opportunity to work with best in Italy, where are located the best Interior Design Studios. In order to enter the hospitality interior design and grow (sale & employees) my company, I would like to exchange with experienced entrepreneurs. Those Studios are working international and can give me the overview in the international marketing strategy, strengthen my hospitality interior design skills and required specific local experience. Additionally, negotiation skills with clients can help me to increase my projects. Last but not least I can expand my networking.”

Petya set up her company in Austria about 1 year ago.What did you learn from the experience? Do you feel more confident about your business start-up or have you changed the plan?
I feel more confident in the management and professional field.

What did the HE learn from the exchange? How did you help? Is the HE going to incorporate new ideas and methods proposed by you?
Yes, my Interior Design concept.

How will the exchange benefit your and your HE’s business? New opportunities: Further partnerships? Cross-border trade?
Further partnership.



Petya Kaneva, Austria – interior design


Carlo Bandini, Italy, represented by CSCS


This exchange exceeded my expectations and was a great value to my development as an entrepreneur. While I worked on projects with the team and developed my design skills, I focused on the complexity of this business sector and had the opportunity to adapt my plan.
I can recommend the programme, on-the-job training in a small or medium-sized enterprise abroad can give benefit from access to new markets, international cooperation and potential possibilities for collaboration with business partners abroad. This will ease the successful start of your business or strengthen your new enterprise.

Petya Kaneva • New Entrepreneur

Working with Petya was a great experience, meeting a young and talented person with a nice personality, contributing to the interior design projects with different creative ideas.

Carlo Bandini • Host Entrepreneur
Cooperation between an Austrian NE and an Italian HE
SECRETARIAT 17 July, 2018
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