Story of my program Erasmus for young entrepreneurs in Prague

I found out about a programme from one travel influencer, who posted on Facebook possibilities of  exchange  programmes  abroad. After  half a year  I  decided  to  leave  my job  and  start  my  own business.  I  was  speaking  about  this  with  my  Italian  friend  living  in  Prague  like  me,  and  she mentioned that she came to Prague through Erasmus for entrepreneurs as well and encouraged me that to join a programme is not so difficult if I will approach it responsibly.

I  worked  for  HE  who  had  tour  agency.  It  was  very  beneficial,  because  from  the  beginning  I could participate on the tours and see how HE communicated with customers and how HE tries to make them interested. After we exchange perceptions in the office. I suggested him some improvements.  At  this  time  I  started  to  think  about  this  job  as  very  interesting    and  I  could imagine doing something similar in Slovakia. Our country just starting to be noticed by tourists and  number  of  them  is  increasing.  Further  days  I  asked  HE  questions  about  tours  I  liked  to know and could aplicate on my business. Further weeks I helped HE do administrative work. Stay  at  he  overcame  my  expectations,  because  he  showed  me a new  form  of  business,  which  I could add to my original business plan.



Patricia Sommerova, Czeck Republic


Jose Ricardo Junior Rodrigues Ferreira, Spain


Erasmus for entrepreneurs I would recommend to everyone, who wants to run a business. HE offers all know -how basically for free, answer on questions, which young entrepreneurs have and HE can encourage if entrepreneur is insecure.

Patricia Sommerova • New Entrepreneur

I`m very happy that this programme exists and helps to build an entrepreneurial environment. I  spoke  with  many  people  about  Erasmus  for  entrepreneurs  and  they were very  surprised by something like this. Seemed to them like such a good idea. It’s A pity that people don’t have more information about it.

Jose Ricardo Junior Rodrigues Ferreira • Host Entrepreneur
Story of my program Erasmus for young entrepreneurs in Prague
SECRETARIAT 12 March, 2020
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