Success story from Czech Republic

I heard about the programme Erasmus + for the first time during my studies at the university. I started to think about it at the moment when I set up my own business and at the same time when there was a condition of the studies to work abroad at least during 10 weeks. I started my own business – e-shop and register to program Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

My main aim was to gain as much experience as possible directly from the reality of entrepreneurship. The database of EYE contains a huge number of contacts. My search was in the area of e-commerce, which was one of my condition for host entrepreneur. In the end, I found Mr Josh Turner in the database, who set up shop Stand4Socks in Great Britain, Manchester.

The Host Entrepreneur is a social entrepreneur. The HE helps to make a favour thanks to selling every pair of socks which is in compliance with the International aims of UN. There are offers of socks with 10 different kinds of good turns (for example for the homeless, or for children living in a war zone etc).

During my stay in Manchester, I worked on reworking design of web pages and on the Internet advertisement. Of course, I was included in other activities of entrepreneurship. It was a great experience to see, how e-commerce market works in Great Britain and I had the possibility to compare it with the Czech Republic. The main what I took from Jose is understanding of the importance of networking, thanks to which a businessman reaches interesting contacts of different companies.

We agreed on future cooperation with Jose. Josh is capable of sending contacts on a manufacturer, I am capable to help him with digital marketing. I am looking forward to his planned visit to Prague.

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme is great for giving the possibility to everyone to look at the running business in the area of marketing, finance, logistics etc.

The stay in Great Britain was very valuable for me and I am very grateful for this experience.

Success story from Czech Republic
SECRETARIAT 14 July, 2018
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