Young Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Eindhoven

On the first meeting with the company leader we created a weekly program, and also a few key points for a longer period, as one or two month.
Usually my weekly plan contains a few sessions at the patient care at the SportpleinEindhoven,also at the PSV professional football club training center, the personal practice of the host entrepreneur.

Beside that I had the opportunity to look into the work of other partner entrepreneurs as the WinnerCam, SmartGoals, these options were also useful for me, later on we worked together with the SmartGoals too. I had the chance also to look into the work of the Dutch National Olympic center’s work, where the top athletes training was held. Bigger milestones were: professional booklet about the ACL injuries, for the practice, athletes, medical staff and also for the athletes. That was about the injury, the psychological factors, prevention and rehabilitation of the injury. Later on I worked on hundreds of educational videos for the patients.

DURATION: around 5 months


Koffol Gábor, (physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, professional and business connections, effective methods, treatments, equipments in the profession, business model)


The most important thing is the value of the professional and the business relationships, because after the program we will collaborate together in different kinds of projects. For me especially important the professional experience gained at the football club of PSV Eindhoven.

– “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Koffol Gábor • New Entrepreneur

Several useful benefits like professional booklet, videos, and new methods. Personal, professional and business relationship, win-win for both of us! I received more than I expected, I am more than satisfied.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

  • Host Entrepreneur
Young Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Eindhoven
SECRETARIAT 30 May, 2020
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Young Romanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in the Netherlands