Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Greece

Tania Melotti is a freelancer who deals with the design of training for companies and the development of managerial skills for young entrepreneurs. Her intention in coming to ICT was to know the procedures used in Spain regarding the management of this type of project.
Her business idea started from the wish to design a project and create a program for the growth and development of competencies, capacities, behaviors in young worker, linked to the tourism concept, particularly to the ethical/responsible tourism, an instrument for communication and contamination between tradition and innovation (of values, culture, traditions, knowledge, competence).
From the beginning the research implemented was to identify a company that was operational in the field of training and tourism: so, she met Instituto Canario de Turismo (ICT) with ECN (Escuela Canaria de Negocios) and UCAN Tourism (Universidad Canaria de Turismo) as ICT’s trademarks.
The desire was to individuate an organization that could welcome her, offering the opportunity to achieve some results-oriented to the project idea, in particular:

  • be introduced in the Canary Islands market, so to become aware of how this market works (students, companies, government, Spanish law …). In this way, it would help her to design a better business strategy that it would develop later

  • improve operational procedures for a better and more efficient work plan

  • establish professional relationships in the area

  • improve the English and Spanish language

  • compare herself with different cultural realities

The aim of this collaboration was to get mutual rewards by showing her the way the Instituto Canario de Turismo (ICT) works and to learn from them how to better the proceedings, according to her personal skills. The idea was to collaborate on ICT projects, ECN (Escuela Canaria de Negocios) and UCAN Tourism (Universidad Canaria de Turismo) in order to get closer and learn more about the working and professional methods of the Canarian territory.
The proposed plan of activities was to learn how the host organisation is organised, understand the operativity and the management systems; work on proceedings and closing of MBA course in Tenerife offline and online (ICT). Focus on digital marketing strategies, on promotions and branding. Learn more about how to manage the clients/beneficiaries; work on the recruitment strategy. Moreover, Digital Marketing Strategy (ECN) and proceedings and protocols for the beginning of the classes for September 2019 (UCAN) and of MBA course in Tenerife offline and online (ICT).

Unfortunately, it was not possible to approach all the activities, especially given the time of year (regarding contact with students and the application to classrooms) but the young entrepreneur has had the opportunity to work a lot on the launch of the ICT University project, an International University Center, in the Tenerife South Area, Canary Islands.




Period: 19 June 2018 – 13 September 2018

Sector of activity: designer of training for companies and developer of managerial skills for young entrepreneurs.

Looking for: know the procedures used in Spain regarding the management of a project of training and development of managerial skills for young entrepreneurs.



Name of the enterprise: INSTITUTO CANARIO DE TURISMO SL 
Sector of activity: Education and training services

Looking for: Improve proceedings and protocols in ECN, ICT and UCAN for a better and most efficient work plan and know how to manage the topic of training in Italy.


“We need a change of vision, a culture that privileges the characteristics of man, who acts his choices rather than underwriting them”.
It has always been my aspiration to work on board because I love travelling and learning about other cultures and the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs immediately seemed to me an excellent opportunity not only to share the skills with the HE Instituto Canario de Turismo but also to acquire knowledge for the benefit of my business and my desire to grow professionally.

Ms Tania MELOTTI • New Entrepreneur

he Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme is an opportunity to learn, create successful partnerships with new entrepreneurs and share expertise.
It was a great opportunity for us and for our project to put the International University into action. Having hosted Tania Melotti as a new entrepreneur has been an important experience and I can say that he has introduced new ways of approaching our work with good humour, discretion and intelligence. We have both contributed to the mutual growth as professionally-oriented, quality-oriented professionals and as human beings.
Her leadership and creativity skills make Tania a top-level professional! Moreover, her joviality and joy will always be remembered!

Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Greece
SECRETARIAT 26 September, 2018
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Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Greece