Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in ITALY

Erasmus For young Entrepreneurs exchange program is a program which gave me chance to work with an expert and work in abroad. My exchange was in Treviso/ITALY.I worked in Nefeli Education. During my exchange, I had collaboration my HE we worked in some areas which are about writing, management and training of Erasmus Projects. We did together our Projects’ implementations in the local place and with the other organizations in the territory.



Pempegul OZDEMIR
My exchange duration is 4 months, from 16/10/2016 to 16/02/2018. Sector activities are about training, management, implementations of Project. From the Program, I was expecting, seeing all the steps for a successful business, having a new network, understanding the marketing and planning in the business, having a chance to work in the field and learn active, improving foreign language skills.


Giancarlo VETTORI, International trainings management and organization. NEFELI EDUCATION is in Via Puglie, 31100 Treviso TV/ Italy.

Looking for get new and fresh business ideas, experiencing working with youth, possible cooperation in the future, having an intercultural environment at workplace, enlarging the global network.


This exchange was positive because we have always in good collaboration during the program. The program outcomes was successful for both side. I experienced working in international environment, working with an expert in the business sector. I recommend the program for NE because it is an good opportunity to see business sectors in overseas. Besides you are going to work with expert who is willing to share successful business steps and encourage you to reach and start your future business.

Pempegul OZDEMIR • New Entrepreneur

HE benefits are from the program, having cooperation in future and have network in Turkey. The NE worked in his local activity thus HE could have collaboration in the local territory. Due to his working area is with youth, NE support his activities beneficially. She had collaboration other youths thus he had more youth network.

Giancarlo VETTORI • Host Entrepreneur
Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in ITALY
SECRETARIAT 18 July, 2018
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