Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Sardinia, Italy

This wonderful experience had a few objectives: to learn about each other’s businesses, widen the knowledge of marketing and legal areas and to get to know each other better. For the NE, it was essential to learn the business practices of the HE, her expertise in legal and public financing  area,  while  for  the  HE  it  was  important  to  share  awareness  about  her  business  and services and find new business opportunities.

DURATION: 2  months 


Daria  Somova,  who  stayed  in  Cagliari,  Sardinia,  for  2  months  (two  weeks  during  summer  and  the rest during the autumn season), works in the sector of personal and professional relocation and has the  emphasis  on  marketing  and  branding.  Daria  has  been  having  her  business  running  for  a  short time but would like to gain more experience in the legal field and the offier was great for her!


Maria  Luisa  Manis  is  a  patent  and  innovations  lawyer  who  resides  in  Cagliari,  Sardinia,  but works remotely  with  the  inventors  all  around  the  world.  She  already  has  an  established  business,  but  her goal  was  to  gain  awareness  of  her  business  and  expertise  among the general  public  and  potential clients.


This  opportunity  is  great  for anybody  who  would  either  want  to  start  their  business,  search  for a new contract  or  widen  their  perspective  on  the  business.  It  was  great  knowing  new  people,  learning  a different working environment and gain experience in the legal high-profile business.

Daria  Somova • New Entrepreneur

The  benefit  for  the  HE  is  to  find  a  way  for  understanding  and  implementing  tools  to  market  their services in compliance with ethical rules of legal profession.

Maria  Luisa  Manis • Host Entrepreneur
Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Sardinia, Italy
SECRETARIAT 15 January, 2020
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