Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Singapore

Singapore is very developed in the start-up and innovation sector and the collaborations that the NE has established with local entrepreneurs have led to important economic results for his business project.
During the exchange period, the NE has attended meetings with important multinational companies and meetings with local innovation agencies, which offered him new business opportunities; the Asian market is indeed different in many respects and similar in others to Europe.
The most marked differences are those concerning the financial market and human resources. The financial system is very prosperous – as Singapore is a global financial center – and therefore there are many opportunities for companies in terms of financing and investments.
The labour market enjoys the proximity of Asian countries with a demography characterised by a large slice of young people. This is reflected in a very young and enthusiastic work and business environment.
The entrepreneurial culture in Singapore is very similar to the European / Western one and in both countries innovation is a key factor.
Contacts with the European offices and Eurochambres have been continuous and have ensured that the exchange was a pleasant and productive experience.



Fabio Loche from italy


Sumit Khemani from Singapore.

His objective was to develop a market entry strategy for Europe.


The Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program surprised me as the results of this exchange exceeded by far my expectations. It was an excellent opportunity to create alliances and collaborations in Asia, in the research and development sector.

Fabio Loche • New Entrepreneur
Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Singapore
SECRETARIAT 20 March, 2019
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