Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Spain

The project we had designed consisted of 4 months of work in a family hostel (18 rooms) with the aim of supporting each other.
Through that the hostel had a person with experience in tourism management (the new entrepreneur has experience in tourist offices) and knowledge of Italian culture and language.
The new entrepreneur was able to benefit from the host entrepreneur’s knowledge of everything related to the internal management of the hostel.

DURATION: 4 months


Sillian Ferrari, (Hotel, restaurant, tourism, travel services and wellness)

He was looking for:

  • To acquire sufficient knowledge to be able to undertake a tourist accommodation in the future.

  • To deepen and get to know the Spanish culture better.

  • Create connections for future business initiatives.

  • Improve the Spanish language.


Oscar Argumosa Sainz, (Hotel, restaurant, tourism, travel services and wellness)

 Ramales de la Victoria, Cantabria

He was looking for:

  • Learn more about Italy’s culture.

  • Improve the language skills of the staff, especially English and Italian.

  • Connect with travel agencies and institutions in Italy and possible neighboring countries, with the aim of attracting tourism from these areas.

  • Translate the website into Italian and be able to offer tourist packages specially designed for this public.

  • To have an extra support in the daily tasks of the hotel.


Through this experience I had the concrete chance to learn directly from a high skilled person with a lot of experience in the sector I wanted to deepen.
He gave me a lot of advices regarding how to further develop and improve my business, moreover he shared with me his insights about this business in the general.

Silian Ferrari • New Entrepreneur

Being able to share business ideas in your daily routine time with someone from another country interested in your same business is something truly valuable and inspiring.
This can lead to a positive change in both sides and can enable to notice things from a different perspective, which it´s enriching and can bust the business itself and bring it to a new level.
The whole relationship can be described as a continuous give and take from both sides.

Oscar Argumosa Sainz • Host Entrepreneur
Young Italian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Spain
SECRETARIAT 26 January, 2021
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