Young Lithuanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Denmark

We have started working with the idea of wider variety of Italian wine import in Denmark. We tried to create a platform via which Italian wine could have been sold in Denmark with Italian set tax rate. In order to do that, we had to go through EU regulations, Danish and Italian domestic legislations. Therefore, there has been a lot of desk and field research in order to find out if the project could have been done or not. However, the project turned out to be impossible to be realized on legal terms, therefore, we moved on to another project based on Export Management, which also required a lot of research on companies, their possible match and ways of their business development. Export Management is something we are working on now together even though the exchange is over.

DURATION: 3 months


Aiste Perminaite,  Extreme Sports Entertainment Sector

As her family-owned rally business was under plans of accommodation and catering services development, she needed someone’s help who had experience in one or another of the sectors. As Valentino had experience in food and drinks tasting and promoting events as well as products import, he seemed as the right guy to gather knowledge from and to pass it onto her business development idea for catering services.


Valentino Servizi, IT and Business Development, Copenhagen.

He saw in this program the opportunity to share his experience, to improve his international vision and hopefully to get a chance of finding a partner or connections for international growth as well.


The exchange turned out to be very positive, as with the host we not only covered the drinks and food topic, but also possibilities of business development abroad and travelling insurance along with it. Besides, we came up with a clue for our own business idea based on export management, which has made us partners for now. EYE is definitely a recommendation, as it helps you to improve your own business, brings you new connections and opens door to wider markets.

Aiste Perminaite • New Entrepreneur

Having the possibility of working with a young resource deserving the definition of New Entrepreneur means to take advantage of an amplifier of ideas. You can throw at her your ideas, experiences and plans. Then, often, you’ll get them back improved. All of this is cost and risk free. What the NE can take away from such program is that next time she will face a problem, she will have the chance of asking a free advice to the HE and then repeat the magic for her own advantage.

Valentino Servizi • Host Entrepreneur
Young Lithuanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Denmark
SECRETARIAT 31 August, 2017
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