Young Lithuanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Denmark, Copenhagen

Together with Ernest, I attended meetings with new clients and with clients that he was working at that moment. It was a good experience to see how negotiation about work, materials (that should be used) and the final price is going on with Scandinavian people.

Ernest delegated me the work of delivering the needed materials for his workers at renovation work sites. I saw a market of Denmark because I also did purchases of needed materials. Ernest asked me to calculate and prepare technical drawings for safety bars at the warehouse and for custom made the trailer. I used my engineer skills. Ernest taught me how to choose the right material for renovating.

During my last month in Copenhagen, I had to renovate a room on my own. Inside the room, I needed to build a wooden wall, so I learned how to use many different tools (electric screw spinner, electric saw, how to construct and use wood to build a strong wall). Then, I prepared teak material to get ready to bath the walls, after bathing walls I did paint job. Before the painting was a huge work to prepare all room for painting. After the painting walls, I needed to renew the floors – scrub floors and to put a new layer of lacquer.
It was very interesting to see how the renovating are done, and Ernest valued me as a really good worker.

DURATION: 3 months


Lukas Perminas, architectural (old buildings renovations) 
Looking for skills to be able renovate his own old building in Lithuania.


Ernest Stadalnyk, architectural (old buildings renovations), Denmark, Copenhagen
Looking for young man fresh ideas.


I am very glad of this program, it gave me a lot. One of the best experience that I had. If you in doubt, just do it – you will not regret.

Lukas Perminas • New Entrepreneur

As the NE I learned to be more confident taking action and decision. Benefit for HE was to get a new ideas for his business from the person from the side, so as I understood he was happy about my ideas and effort for his company.

Ernest Stadalnyk • Host Entrepreneur
Young Lithuanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Denmark, Copenhagen
SECRETARIAT 9 August, 2017
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Young Lithuanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Denmark