Young Lithuanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Spain (Tenerife) with Civitta

My exchange goal was to learn as much as possible about small beauty business in a more practical way, as leadership, pricing, financial management, marketing, segmentation of customers, promotions, small business threats and how to be unique and successful in my own business – Face beauty studio. So I have shared Face yoga practice which includes breathing techniques, face massage, face exercises and visualization with He, his staff and customers on face-to-face sessions. And also I was interested in introducing my business plan to HE and to get recommendations and advice on starting my business from his experience and his point professional point of view.

DURATION: 2 months


Giedre Bagdoniene, Face Yoga teacher.

Business plan – to create Face beauty studio in Lithuania.


Jurate Avan, Hair Stylist in the beauty salon “Procare Hair&Beauty”.

Location: Tenerife


I would highly recommend the exchange because it is an opportunity to gain self confidence in the working area, as for me, it was very useful to practice Face yoga lessons face-to-face and to get the feedback from many clients. Also it was very useful to have a possibility to work so close and directly with the owner of a beauty business and to get all the answers about my business plan and all the ideas straight from HE.

I appreciate the friendship and honest relationship with HE, as this determined that this exchange will be an unforgettable and significant experience for me.

Giedre Bagdoniene • New Entrepreneur

It was a very interesting experience to meet a Face yoga teacher for the first time and to get to know new useful and interesting practices not just for the body but for the whole well-being as well. Face yoga method was also new for my customers so they were also very engaged in practice and happy to have a possibility to get face-to-face practice. In those two months there were even more clients in the salon and it became a place not just for usual services but also a place where women can learn how to take care of themselves in a holistic way. It was a great and needed experience, I really recommend the programme.

Jurate Avan • Host Entrepreneur
Young Lithuanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Spain (Tenerife) with Civitta
SECRETARIAT 31 March, 2020
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