Young Romanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark

The exchange program is designed to help the new entrepreneur learn from the existing one. Throughout the duration of the program, the HE was able to introduce different learning opportunities. Being an entrepreneur is a process filled with challenges, budget limitations and as well it requires a huge amount of work to be able to see results. However, the outcome is always much more rewarding than anticipated. In exchange, the company was able to get throught an acceleration phase, which led to a complete business model change, recruitment of interns, business plan and swot analysis, not to mention organizing events and going to different pitching competitions. Both entrepreneurs managed to spend a good amount of time with each other and talk about all the changes that needed to be implemented. It was really helpful to have two different mindsets to solve problems fast.



 Siderias Maria Claudiais, she aimed at specializing in human resources.

She wanted to learn about candidate profile criterias and HR fundamentals.


Negru Gabriela, manager of IAGE in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Gabriela was looking to get inspired by Romanian entrepreneurs, who have the highest success rate in the Danish landscape.


The exchange is great because you have the possibility to live abroad, meet new people, make friends, and learn about the hosting country. Moving abroad is not just stepping out of your comfort zone —it’s more like jumping. I recommend the experience because the culture and the perspective of life abroad are very different than yours, so you can learn the local traditions and visit new places. At work you see how people think, how they see their future and you can learn new skills and abilities.

 Siderias Maria Claudiais • New Entrepreneur

Having Claudia here not only helped me understand how to tackle new challenges and create a better structure for my company, but gave me access to all her network of entrepreneurs as well.

Negru Gabriela • Host Entrepreneur
Young Romanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark
SECRETARIAT 5 October, 2019
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