Young Romanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Portugal

During the six months period, Andrei Sasu, the New Entrepreneur and the president of COSI (Civic Orientation and Social Integration), a Romanian newly founded NGO, worked hand-inhandwith Carlos Ferreira, the president of Geoclube – Associação Juvenil, an experienced NGO founded in 2000 and it’s staff Marta Rais (Project Manager) and Diana Gonçalves (Social Worker).
Within the exchange period, the two entrepreneurs shared experience in youth work field, with focus on ‘Erasmusplus’ program design and implementation, especially towards youth mobilities in EU and in neighboring countries and discusses marketing strategies online and offline. Moreover, they compared management strategies in terms of team coordination, financial opportunities and long-term previsions, local/national economic differences and similarities.
Nonetheless, Andrei together with the Geoclube’s team implemented on-going events and workshops in Gondomar region (Portugal) where they promoted the E+ program with focus on Volunteering opportunities for young people, especially European Voluntary Service, spoke about cultural differences and other development opportunities in European Union.

The mobility objectives were divided in two categories; firstly, towards the personal and professional gain of the New Entrepreneur in terms of writing/implementation skills of E+ programs (application forms) and non-formal facilitation experience gain and secondly towards the development of a financial sustainable long-term plan for COSI and HR strategy.
October Erasmusplus deadline was the highest focus of the relation, whereas we jointly managed to apply with 2 Mobilities of Youth Workers (Geoclube) and 2 Mobilities of Youth Workers and 1 Youth Exchange (COSI). Moreover, throughout the non-formal workshops and events jointly implemented, Andrei gained important competences in both areas: project writing and non-formal education facilitation.
Regarding the other focus of the mobility objectives, a financial plan as well as the HR strategy were regularly discussed and analyzed; however, time will show (2017-2020) if they will be sustainable. Andrei managed to acquire great knowledge in these areas by observing and working closely with Carlos, and now it’s up to him to use the competence and develop COSI further on.

DURATION: 6 months


Andrei Sasu, NGO/Civil Society, Bucharest

I strongly wish to participate within the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme do to the fact that it represents a wonderful professional development for myself and the NGO I represent. Therefore, I believe that by participating in the program, we will gain strong knowledge and skills regarding the ERASMUS+ program project writing/implementation, HR and financials aspects of NGO management as well as improving the professional network.


Dr FERREIRA Carlos, NGO/Civil Society

My main motivation is to have the opportunity to work with NE from other countries that have a different way to work and also can learn with my work. Our youth organization has many years of experience with international projects and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs it’s a way to develop even more our work at a local level as international also. My expectations are very high in giving opportunity to young and new entrepreneurs to see a social and non profit work and how it can be really innovative and a way to develop their skills and new business ideas.


I am currently highly recommending (formally through workshops and events and within informal discussions) the Erasmus for Youth Entrepreneurs program as a wonderful development opportunity for individuals who have a business idea and need the know-how in order to make it happen. Also, it’s a great experience for the entrepreneurs who are at the beginning of their journey and need to take their business to the next level, even cross-sectorial cooperation and international expansion.

Andrei Sasu • New Entrepreneur

The best about the program is that you always get new ideas and if you work closely with someone with fewer experiences within the field but with great enthusiasm and energy, you can combine both of them and build something great. Moreover, both entrepreneurs share their vision and good practices, enlarge their network in the field and collaborate within the mobility length and further on.

Dr FERREIRA Carlos • Host Entrepreneur
Young Romanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Portugal
SECRETARIAT 30 November, 2017
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