Young Romanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Spain

The NE was integrated in the studio of the HE to understand their approach in creating sensible architecture towards the landscape. Working side by side with the team, the NE was able to see an approach to use of natural materials in architecture (stone, wood, etc.) and the technology required. The idea was to develop teamwork skills, independent work skills and creativity of the NE. The HE supervised all the NE’s activity, designing milestones and organizing brainstorming with the team.

DURATION: 3.52 months


Andreea Melisa Muresanu, Architecture 


Isaac Peral Codina, Architecture
Location: Alicante, Spain


The exchange was successful because the NE had the opportunity to work in a different environment and saw the challenges of an architect in Spain. The NE was in contact with the local market in the field and the laws for practicing architecture, therefore gaining knowledge for future work and collaborations. In addition, due to the HE being a professor, the NE had contact with the local university, students and their final projects. This experience helped the NE to understand the European level of studying, teaching and practicing architecture. 

I would recommend this programme not only for broadening the knowledge in a certain field, but also for the contact with a different culture and, in my case, for visiting and experiencing buildings and architecture I only learned about in school. This experience was educational in more ways than just from entrepreneurial point of view. 

Andreea Melisa Muresanu • New Entrepreneur

Working with a NE brings diversity to the office. The NE can have a unique contribution to the team, due to their personal skills and perspective on the field. Also, I believe that we provide an opportunity for learning because of the diversity of projects in the studio. We were interested to learn about the NE´s country and the market for architecture there, since there are so many international competitions. We hope we will have further successful collaborations.

Isaac Peral Codina • Host Entrepreneur
Young Romanian Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Spain
SECRETARIAT 8 February, 2020
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