Young Romanian Entrepreneur in an IT business exchange in Denmark

The exchange happened in a Danish startup called 2030 Builders. The company is an innovation tool for Sustainable Strategy delivered through gamification that untaps the business potential in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The NE worked on on-going projects and did a code review for every part of the existing platforms. He also analyzed the requirements with the aim of designing new platforms, and organized meetings with potential customers. For the NE, living in Copenhagen changed his perspective regarding entrepreneurship and global thinking. He realized that the world is much bigger than he thought and that all people can work together to create a better world.



Lupu Ciprianis, IT enthusiast.

He had the aim of learning how to manage people and how to run a bussines effectively.


Negru Mihaela is the owner of the startup 2030 Builders, which helps companies train sustainable development to their employees.

She was looking for a technical person coming from a Development background to help her restructure her online service platform.


Living in a foreign country is sometimes challenging, but personally it helped me a lot with self-development because I needed to get out of the comfort zone to adapt. I was lucky being in Denmark because all the people here are so friendly and they have helped me a lot. From an educational point of view the educational system here is one of the best in the world so you can imagine, that most of the people are highly educated. I spent most of my time in Copenhagen Business School at one of their Co-working hubs for startups, so I had the chance to meet a lot of startups and most of them were successful. I have heard so many success stories from other entrepreneurs that now I know the secret to being successful, namely “work hard and never give up, always adapt to the needs of your market and then work even harder”.

Lupu Ciprianis • New Entrepreneur

It was fantastic to have a Ciprian in the team, he helped us a lot with everything regarding the IT part of our service. Throughout our collaboration he proved to be a very determined and intelligent person, regarding any aspect of the products we were working on. Also he was definitely the one who took the extra mile to finish the job right! I would recommend him to anyone, on almost any technology, because he is great with learning and understanding new concepts. I hope we can continue the work that we left in the future.

Negru Mihaela • Host Entrepreneur
Young Romanian Entrepreneur in an IT business exchange in Denmark
SECRETARIAT 21 September, 2019
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