Young spanish entrepreneur in a business exchange in Italy

My name is Isaia Busatta and I am the host entrepreneur. My company, already founded 6 years ago is created to satisfier the need of people to have more innovative tools in marketing and event organization. For the first, through services and ad hoc dedicated consulting, for the latter with highly specialized training courses.
It is the second time that I participate with an enterprising host, with the aim of expanding my knowledge to other people and to have collaborators in different nations of the European Union. I have found in Natascia the opportunity to observe and learn more about the Spanish market. And valuate a possible and concrete collaboration at a distance with one of the star products that I produce and manage. My name is Natascia Bartoli and I am a new entrepreneur. My business project is about the creation of a brand of clothing and services to orders on screen printing. I have decided to participate in the program to broaden my business knowledge and see how, as a printer, I already manage, manage your companies, and identify the problems and in what way you solve them. I have decided to collaborate with Isaia to have a solid base of knowledge about marketing and event management.
We have not found any problem when collaborating and managing the tasks of both. There has been complicity and understanding until the first day in valuing our objectives and goals. Also, the fact of being the two Italians and speaking the same language was another point in favour.
A possible concern was, in the beginning, how to manage our time together in the office: Isaia spends a lot of time outside the office for specialized courses to companies, and it was a complicated point at first. Luckily this has been solved right away thanks to our good communication via phone and email.

During this exchange we were able to exchange information about the markets of each sector, describing the potential and difficulties of each sector. We have detailed the legal regulations of each country, its dictation in the day and the commercial environment in both cases. We have tried to find new potential markets for Isaia that for Natascia, to be able to have collaboration in the future. We have decided to export a star product of Isaia, in the Spanish market and we have already opened a commercial communication with potential clients that are interested in the products and their commercialization.
We have created and managed the advertising, via brochures and banner, of several future Isaia events. This has led to Natascia a practice in the specific software for web design, looking for solutions and other vision on graphics and creative design. Natascia has been able to attend several courses at the Crete headquarters (coworking) and has also been able to establish other contacts with people related to her profession. We have been able to improve the commercial communication of Natascia’s products and create a marketing strategy for social networks. Thanks to the help of Isaia it has been possible to complete the marketing objectives during the exchange, providing different expectations and effective solutions for the achievement of the brand in the Spanish market.

Natascia has been able to practice the use of specific graphic design software and develop, for the first time, catalogues, brochure and banner at large scales, for third parties. He has been able to develop a marketing strategy for his brand, seeing the defects and limitations that were previously and has gained more experience in the management of social networks. Isaia has been able to appreciate the questions and doubts that a fictitious client could have and has rectified some criteria about his courses of specific formations.
Isaia and Natascia have talked about the mercantile and commercial issues that could be in Tenerife of a product and an agreement has been reached to market one of their products, with the help of Natascia, which in the next few months will begin to distribute in the Islands Canary Islands. Natascia has been able to create some tools for their work, thanks to the machinery that the Coworking makes available: like a laser cutting machine, die cutters and 3d printing machine. Natascia has been able to observe the management of the events and provide some modifications to benefit, above all, the merchandising such as new card pass designs for customers (using the laser cutting and engraving machine) and modifications of space organization, providing new ideas with other business visions.

DURATION: 3 months


Natascia Burtoli
Country: Spain
Age: 33
Status: Start-up
Sector: hand-made serigraphy and graphic design
Name of business: Bubangoo Serigrafia


Isaia Busatta
Country: Italy
Age: 36
Experience (years): 6
Sector: marketing
Name of business: Extremind


This experience has been very complete and rewarding, I  have learned many new things and I firmly believe that with the help that Isaia has given me, I can finally launch my business in Tenerife, with more security and more knowledge to offer the business market.

Natascia Burtoli  New Entrepreneur

Thanks to this exchange I have been able to see new points of view and rectify some of my work conditions. I have managed to obtain an export of some of my products, which will allow me to open up to new markets and surely to obtain new collaborations with Spanish commerce.

Isaia Busatta  Host Entrepreneur
Young spanish entrepreneur in a business exchange in Italy
SECRETARIAT 13 June, 2018
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