Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Barcelona (Spain)

Mehmet Gülöz is a 23 year-old Business Administration student who strives to be a better entrepreneur. During his time in Spain, he dealt with the HE’s clients in order to establish relationships. He was in charge of sales and business development in the education market. He performed accounting tasks to better understand the financial aspects of the company and the Spanish tax structures. He also assisted the HE in human resources and used analytic tools to assess historical business data.


I acquired a better understanding about how to run a successful company. I saw the importance of creating relationships with clients in order to understand their wants and needs, and more importantly, how to implement these into a business to better serve those clients. I was able to flesh out my potential target market and better understand who my potential clients are going to be. I acquired valuable knowledge on the financial aspects of a company and serving a 200+ people client base effectively and profitably. I considerably improved my management and organizational skills thanks to managing other workers/interns and the organizational tasks that I performed.

Mehmet Gülöz • New Entrepreneur
Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Barcelona (Spain)
SECRETARIAT 21 August, 2019
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