Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Belgium

During the exchange, NE has learned to collect and process Big Data in Smart City projects. NE was involved in 2 different projects, Apertum and uPark!. Apertum shows users accessible public transportation routes for disabled people. uPark solves parking problems in big cities by notifying users about empty parking places. Besides, NE gained experiences on business planning and product dissemination in the European markets with marketing strategy, business canvas model, and lean startup techniques. NE analyzed the ‘Ten Types of Innovation’ and ‘Blue Ocean’ methodologies.

HE took advantage of the experience and knowledge of the NE in the software development to do signify cant progress in the app development and implementation, so that by the end of the exchange period both projects were almost finished and ready for exploitation.

DURATION: 4 months


Muhammed Tanriverdi
Sector of activity: Smart Cities

NE want to learn about business plans, marketing strategies, innovation types, crowdfunding, investment issues from the professionals who have been involved in Smart Cities projects. Besides, collecting and processing Big data issues were unclear for the NE. NE wanted to join ongoing Smart City and Mobility projects to gain experience.


Antonio Montalvo
Sector of activity: Transport Innovation
Exact Location: Brussels

HE was looking for a young entrepreneur with a proven experience in the technological area, especially in the development of tools and apps.


Understanding how this type of business activity works; – Improving the theoretical knowledge in renewable energy domain and the practical skills in the entrepreneurial field;

– Getting experience in working within a foreign organization, as part of an international team of professionals;

– Getting further collaboration partnerships;

– To have a mentor for my business;

– Understanding the business approach to experienced entrepreneurs.

After all the time I’ve spent in L’Aquila at SEA, I’ve gain more confidence in myself, I have higher expectations from myself now and I know I can do it because of the good will that people at SEA showed towards myself. I’ve came back much smarter with some great memories. The people in SEA were really nice to me and always helped me with everything they could. I am happy for having the courage to participate in this program.

Muhammed Tanriverdi • New Entrepreneur

– Expanding the collaboration with other countries, in this case with Romania, in order to expand and enhance my business potential;

– Sharing current and future projects with the NE.

Antonio Montalvo • Host Entrepreneur
Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Belgium
SECRETARIAT 31 December, 2017
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