Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Belgium

This exchange brings together two different perspectives on fashion industry, branding and communication. NE is experienced with Nordic avant-garde fashion and HE is a perfect example of magnificent, colorful Spanish prêt-à-porter fashion. HE is acknowledged as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Spain, operating for 15 years. As HE´s brand CHERUBINA hasn´t developed an international profile and wholesale strategy, It´s particularly important to share knowledge and ideas from different points of view and improve current marketing tactics.

The main goal of the exchange is to build marketing strategy for prospective markets, develop networks with potential fashion showrooms or online platforms (e-showrooms) which will be valuable for NE business too. Also, to learn specific marketing techniques designed for a certain target audience and improve NE´s marketing plan.

DURATION: 4 months


Rugile Paleviciute
Sector of activity: Fashion industry

To gain a broader knowledge about the most efficient marketing channels for certain markets, to make contacts with both physical and online showrooms, see the needs, expectations of the brand while working with e-showroom, get to know more fashion PR agencies and international sales channels.


Ana García
Sector of activity: Fashion industry
City: Seville

To develop international sales strategy and find appropriate international sales channels for Cherubina. To implement new marketing strategies and make contacts of potential partners for international growth.


If you´re an active learner, it will really challenge your business idea, beliefs, but it will also broaden your perspective and add important parts to your business. I strongly believe that it´s particularly beneficial to know an established company which has an expertise in your field before you actually open your own business.

Rugile Paleviciute • New Entrepreneur

New Entrepreneur who we are hosting is a creative, highly-enthusiastic person with an extremely valuable knowledge. We never thought that in such a short period of time we could make some significant changes and already see the great results.
We´ve truly made a big step towards our international presence and together with NE improved her business direction.
I think our relationship will last way after we´ll finish the exchange and it will keep bringing ideas as well as collaboration opportunities.

Ana García • Host Entrepreneur
Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Belgium
SECRETARIAT 14 December, 2017
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Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Belgium