Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Galicia, Spain

Throughout my experience, I was able to work on the essentials of a social business, being involved in the online operations of the organization and management of such activities. I worked with different entrepreneurs from nearby co-working spaces in Portugal, organizing events for artists and the local community. I was helping with management and maintainance, also cooperating on social responsibility. I closely worked with the local community on social events, also providing content for social media platforms.



Elif Seçkin from Turkey


Maria Rodriguez Gradin, Spain


I would recommend this exchange for everyone who has a business idea and wants to do something with it. It might be building up a startup just after or during the programme or earning a lot of knowledge and social skills. EYE is the best and the most credible step they can take. They will be surrounded with people who have already experience in the field and it will ease their work, boosting their potential in more realistic aspects.

Elif Seçkin • New Entrepreneur

By working together with Elif, we created a common ground where we ccould share our ideas, skills, knowledge and gain motivation out of it. While we were learning from each other, we were also practicing our ideas and analyzing the outcome of our actions. This helped her to progress with a more organized way and we as Sende, as we had new perspectives about how to make our space better.

Maria Rodriguez Gradin • Host Entrepreneur
Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Galicia, Spain
SECRETARIAT 25 September, 2019
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