Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Germany

This exchange program was one of the best experiences of my life. Through this program, I got one step closer to what I dreamed about my future job. My business plan, which I developed for this project: to set up a psychological counselling centre to improve the community or society mental health with specialist psychologists and staff. In this centre. I would like to offer individual and group professional counselling services for children and adolescents and parents. For this purpose, I joined this incredible project as a young entrepreneur. Within 6 months I have been exchanging information with the host company Mustafa Albayrak and his team by gaining experience in many studies. I have the opportunity to see, implement, monitor, evaluate and evaluate the activity plans which I have developed for the project. We have successfully demonstrated many activities for discovering, describing and rehabilitating children’s spiritual needs. I have gained many professional achievements and skills with children through seminars, educational activities and tests.

DURATION: 6 months


Fatma Betül Korkmaz
Sector of activity: Education and training services( Pedagogy, child psychology, psychological counselling.)


Mustafa Albayrak
ector of activity: Education and training services (Pedagogy, preschool education child psychology, psychological, counselling)

Exact location (city): Berlin/Germany


This program offers significant benefits in developing your own profession as a young entrepreneur. Participation in this program and the ability to work professionally has created for me the first professional experience of my professional life. We had a great program with Mustafa Albayrak, who was the host and his team. During the 6 months in Germany I have the opportunity to improve both my knowledge of German as well as to gain experience in different ways to gain knowledge and experience, to learn a team psychological and pedagogical professional approach and techniques and to take part in activities have been created an incredible experience for me by a young entrepreneur company HE. Therefore I believe that in the future I will be able to have many opportunities both domestically and abroad..I now have the opportunity to meet many companies and people to make new business contacts.I am very grateful to HE Mustafa Albayrak, who always supported me in the realization of my project, for his hospitality. Therefore, I highly recommend this great program to all young entrepreneurs.

Fatma Betül Korkmaz • New Entrepreneur

Young entrepreneur Ms Fatma. She gained a lot of experience and professional skills through her six month internship at our institute to develop her own business service. She has acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to set up a psychological counseling centre. She had played an active role in child psychology and pedagogy with child and family services (in many ways such as children’s activities, seminars, individual and group counseling and educational club activities)I am convinced that through this experience, she will be able to realize her dream in the future and professionally lead a psychological counselling centre

Mustafa Albayrak  Host Entrepreneur
Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Germany
SECRETARIAT 1 July, 2018
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