Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Italy

I was a recent graduate from English Language Education subject. My HE is the owner of a language school in Milan. I was introduced to the staff of the company. During the first weeks I completed my orientation and I was quickly adapting the company’s culture, ethics. I attended a business meeting with a customer with my HE. I observed other colleagues about how they implement their plan into action. I helped my HE prepare lesson plans, setting exercises and activities. Then my observation came to an end and I have started writing and producing new materials including audio and visual resources. I was inside the work. I have learned how to prepare, organise, and give lessons to small and large groups of learners from a range of backgrounds, abilities and ages. Throughout my stay, HE provided assessment of newly gained knowledge and work. HE gave me advice on my business plan. I have observed different aspects of business, administration, management and entrepreneurship subjects. I have also learned about generating different ideas and a younger point of view for a business. I wrote reports. I have successfully maintained my relationship regarding business ethic with customers and HE. 

I have gained encouragement of starting a business on my own. I have learned how the business is in Europe, specifically Italy. I have widened my horizon. I know how to manage staff, how to make a contract. I know how to act in a business meeting. I’ve learned business ethic. I had a chance to analyse other market rather than my country. Now I know that if I do everything in order, legal with all documents, with insurance and of course with pleasure starting a business is not only a dream for me. I have course with pleasure starting a business is not only a dream for me. I have learned possible difficulties and outcomes of entrepreneurship. I have faced several different challenges during my stay but at the end I am happy that now Iam different in a good way. I feel like I have a unique approach to things in life thanks to EYE program. I grow up, I believe.  HE has always been kind to me, I think I will always be welcomed there. I had several chances to engage with other organisations throughout my stay. They know me know and I would not have any hesitation to contact them. 

Thus, my expectations were highly met. It was a lifetime lesson for me.

DURATION: 6 months


Emir İsmail Demirhan, Turkey


Mario Grassi, Italy


I would definitely recommend the experience because EYE gives all the things you need in a transparent way. I believe HEs are selected according to some criteria so it is reliable. The IOs are clear in instructions, one can easily consult anything without being too formal. The experience is something unique, it is open to anyone who wants to develop business management, entrepreneurship skills. If one wants a process of exchange with complete proficiency, I would suggest EYE.

Emir İsmail Demirhan • New Entrepreneur

It is nice to have a boss, but not really. What I mean is this person is willing to share ideas with you from the beginning. HE asked for it and NE asked for it either. So there is mutual motivation which is extremely helpful. Thanks to the financial support of EYE, HE does not have a burden to provide for it. Another beautiful thing is HE does not need to fire a person even if he/she makes constant mistakes as it is a learning process for both parties. There are different perspectives, cultures and approaches which makes the experience rich and fruitful.

Mario Grassi • Host Entrepreneur
Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in Italy
SECRETARIAT 16 February, 2020
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