Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in the United Kingdom

During the exchange, the NE has cooperated with the HE to reach his goals and learnt more about the HE’s business process, related to the UK legal business entities, in the sector of energy, clean technology and smart sustainable organisations. The HE has helped the NE to develop his entrepreneurial skills by setting up a shadowing relationship between them. The NE also helped the HE in his business with a background in areas of law and business. Both the HE and the NE gained new connections and perspectives for their future businesses.

DURATION: 3 months


Davut Barış Durna
Sector of activity : Renewable Energy

What was he looking for: Learning new practices concerning renewable energy, Improving his language skills and obtaining convenient connections for future business plans.


Gary Hayes
Sector of activity: Renewable Energy
Exact location: London, CM1 4JG

What was he looking for: To facilitate a motivated new entrepreneur from Turkey by sharing their knowledge and experience with him. This would involve the NE taking a management role in several projects within the HE company and understanding how the business works in a particular context of the UK leading to a potential cooperation in thefuture.


I could have a chance to develop my language skills and to learn a new business beside acquiring new connections in London. That was a pleasure to discover London while learning renewable energy projects. I highly recommend this program to others.

Davut Barış Durna • New Entrepreneur

We’ve trained a young professional who could become a business partner. We’ve got new and fresh ideas about our business in this sector in Turkey in particular; market analysis on a new country. The NE has experienced renewable energy projects and technology. He has also explored the management of a project and understood the marketing and planning in the business.  

Gary Hayes  Host Entrepreneur
Young Turkish Entrepreneur in a business exchange in the United Kingdom
SECRETARIAT 3 July, 2018
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