Young Turkish Entrepreneur in the UK: EYE helps you turn your inspiration and ideas into reality

The idea of establishing my own company that will provide services related to LEAN philosophy and will help other entrepreneurs to advance their business was born in summer 2015, during the LEAN Startup summer academy in Germany. After conducting a small market research to understand how LEAN functions in Turkey, I figured that my idea was promising since there are justa few of them providing LEAN education or implementation of the LEAN into the business processes. With the EYE program, I learned about the logistics and transportation sector and how to implement LEAN through my future firm.



Ümüt Açar from Turkey


BKM transport, UK


I strongly believe that The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program is for sure a great way to get better insights of the target sector and develop further skills and knowledge right on the field, which helps turn your inspiration and ideas into reality. Thus, I recommend every entrepreneur to benefit from the program to get the entrepreneurial vision.

Ümüt Açar • New Entrepreneur

This mobility had mutual benefits and valuable achievements for both sides. Having a person eager to learn and ambitious in our workplace was very encouraging and motivating. It positively affected the other workers within our organisation. As BKM transport we wanted to create more diverse atmosphere within our workplace by having a NE from the Erasmus+ program. Thanks to the NE we have learnt more about Lean philsophy which can be implemented to our current operations.

BKM transport • Host Entrepreneur
Young Turkish Entrepreneur in the UK: EYE helps you turn your inspiration and ideas into reality
SECRETARIAT 2 October, 2019
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